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Forklift Hyundai 2 - 3 ton

Spesifikasi Forklift Hyundai 2 ton - 3.3 ton Diesel Series

Jual Hyundai Forklift Diesel Series, Forklift Hyundai Diesel dengan Kapasitas Angkat beban 2 sampai 3.3 ton.

/ WC30D
/ WC30D
/ WC30D
/ WC30D
Load (kg)
Load Barycenter
Distance (mm)
A | Overall (mm)
1,160 / 1,5151,160 / 1,5151,230 / 1,5151,230 / 1,515
B | Turning (mm)
C | Overhead (mm)
     Guard Height
D | Length to (mm)
     Fork of Face

Your satisfaction is
our priority!

New Diesel Forklift with Proven Quality
and Advanced Technology

Hyundai introduces a new line of 7-series diesel forklift trucks.
The newly designed 4 wheel counterbalance trucks provide every operator comfortable driving, increased productivity and easy maintenance
Power & Performance

High Efficiency &

Powerful engine and high technology systems
provide you with enhanced performance
and highest productivity.
Excellent and Economical Hyundai WIA WC30D engine

Excellent and
Hyundai WIA
WC30D engine

Market approved quality of Hyundai WIA WC30D engine ensures incomparable performance, durability and excellent fuel efficiency. This engine meets EPA Tier 3 and EU stage IIIA emission regulations.
• Excellent engine durability applied timing gear
• Rapid acceleration, smoke decrease
• Apply friction gear for reducing gear rattle noise
• One shot start at -25℃ installed cold start devic

60PS / 2,500 rpm

Faster travel speed & gradeability

The powerful high-output engine provides greater acceleration, better gradeability and faster travel speed on any tough terrain or slope
Highly durable drive axle

  Highly durable drive axle

The strengthened drive axle separable from transmission ensures low vibration and easy maintenance. The wet disc type brake is applied for easy operation, smooth response and maintenance free

Increased mast tilting angle

  Highly durable drive axle

Utilizing the standard mast tilting angle of 6 degrees forward and 10 degrees backward, the operator can safely and rapidly perform loading and unloading jobs

Durable & Powerful transmission

  Durable & Powerful transmission

The combination of engine and torque converter enables smooth acceleration and high drawbar pull. Also modulation valve ensures smooth shifting

Wet disc brake system

  Wet disc brake system

The wet disc brake system is virtually maintenance free and is enclosed to protect from dust and water.

Fully hydrostatic power steering

  Fully hydrostatic power steering

The hydraulic steering system always guarantees smooth and flexible steering, preventing over-run and kick-back.

Easy & Comfort

Best Convenience &

The ergonomically designed cabin and
the centralized cluster
provides full support and comfort to the operator

Spacious operator cabin

 The newly designed cabin provides wide visibility and spacious environment, ensuring all day comfort for the operator

  Grammer Seat (OPT)

An attractive and adjustable seat, based on a human engineering design, provides great comfort. Also, the angle of the armrest can be adjusted to reduce the fatigue of the driver.
• Adjustable suspension stiffness based on the driver's weight (45~170kg)
• ELR type seat belt standard
• Heater and Backrest extension (OPT)

  Optimized pedal position

On the 7-series the pedals are mounted to the console to reduce operator fatigue, and noise and dust from the engine compartment.

  Low entrance height

The low entrance height ensures easy and safe access for the operator.

  Cup holder & console box

Additional storage spaces are located inside the operating space for operator’s convenience.

Operator friendly gauges and
water-resistant monitor panel

  Main monitoring features
• Parking brake lamp
• Directional indicators
• Fuel warning lamp
• Engine oil warning lamp
• Transmission oil temperature warning lamp
• Battery charging warning lamp
• Air cleaner filter warning lamp
• Working light indicator
• Water separator gauge
• Pre-heater indicator
• Water temperature gauge
• Fuel gauge
• Hour meter
• Engine check lamp
• Seat belt warning
• OPSS warning(Option)
• Brake oil level lamp

  Adjustable steering wheel

To achieve a comfortable drive position, the angle of the steering column can easily be adjusted by a lever on the right-hand side of the steering column.

  Easy and safe shift lever

A single lever on the left side of the steering column gives the operator fast, easy control of direction.

Secure & Safety

Advanced Safety

The safely designed driver’s space makes
your operating more comfortable.

Excellent visibility for safe operation

Optimized lift cylinder arrangement provides operator with wider visibility. The panoramic mirror expands the driver’s view when backing up.

  Strong overhead guard

Exceeding CEE and ANSI regulations, the overhead guard offers optimal protection combined with excellent all round visibility

  Convenient hand grip

A plastic wide grip bar is installed on the head guard leg for safety when getting on and off

  Parking brake

Ratchet type parking brake requires less efforts from the operator to set

Various Safety System

The adoption of a high-sensitivity sensor and advanced safety system eliminates the risk of safety accidents

  Strong overhead guard

Exceeding CEE and ANSI regulations, the overhead guard offers optimal protection combined with excellent all round visibility

  Strong overhead guard

Exceeding CEE and ANSI regulations, the overhead guard offers optimal protection combined with excellent all round visibility

  Heavy duty single unit frame

Heavy duty single unit type frame, designed on the basis of accurate structural analysis, guaranteeing durability and safety

  Bright, protected headlights

Bright, protected headlights is positioned for exceptional visibility.

Maintenance & Convenience

Fast and Easy

An ideal arrangement of components
ensures easy access and
convenience for maintenance

Large open engine hood

Highly accessible engine compartment assures fast and efficient maintenance

  Easy change air cleaner

The air filter is readily accessible for cleaning or replacement.

  Brake fluid reservoir with level switch

When brake oil level becomes lower than Min. the warning lamp on the cluster lights on

  Electrically monitored air filter

Air cleaner sensor alerts the operator of a restricted air filter and allows replacement before damage

  Commercial vehicle type fuse box

Various fuses are centralized in the fuse box for the convenience of inspection and service

  Portable side cover

Opening the side cover ensures a large working space to check the engine and related components

  Aluminum radiator

Aluminun radiator with excellent cooling effect and dureability ensures performance of the engine and transmission.

  Tool less type floor plate

The tool less type floor plate is applied, which is convenient and requires no use of tool.

  Fuel cover with key

The key on the fuel inlet door prevents people from stealing fuel

IPAS: Intelligent Proximity Alert System (OPT)

Emits a warning (vibration, warning noise) in each area by measuring the distance between the forklift and a nearby pedestrian in real time with wireless communication.

Fleet Management System(Hi FLEET) (OPT)

Hi FLEET, Hyundai material handling’s fleet management system, is the optimal operation solution for a fleet of forklifts. It connects driver and vehicle in real time.