Sakai GW750 / 750-2

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Sakai GW750/750-2
Sakai GW750-2
Sakai GW750/750-2

Improves compaction quality and efficiency

  • Dynamic kneading action produces more uniform compaction from top to bottom of the pavement layer
  • Versatility on both large and small projects for tight and dense longitudinal joints, hot mix asphalt(HMA), aggregate base, roller compacted concrete and warm-and cold-mix, etc.
  • Maneuverable in tight spaces on city streets, parking lots and cul-de-sacs by center-pin articulated steering

Weight Specification

Max. operating weightKg (lb)9,040(19,930)
Operating weightKg (lb)8,700(19,185)
Load on front axleKg (lb)3,710(8,180)
Load on rear axleKg (lb)4,990(11,005)


Overall Length (L)mm (in)4,540(179)
Overall Width (W)mm (in)2,200(87)
Overall Height (H)mm (in)2,975(117)
Wheelbase (L)mm (in)4,990(11,005)

Engine Specification

Engine Model GW750DD-4BG1T (Tier2)
Engine Model GW750-24JJ1XDIA (Tier3)
TypeDiesel, Water-cooled, 4-cycle, with turbocharger


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